Kia Ora from Auckland (North Island, NZ)


Today we traveled from Rotorua to Auckland in preparation for our early morning flight to Cairns, Australia.

Yesterday was a jammed packed day of adventure. We started the morning bright and early with an exciting Duck tour of the city and surrounding lakes. Pretty neat to know we were exploring the crater of an ancient super-volcano. Next we visited a living geothermal Maori village. We learned about the Maori culture and how they still live off of the land’s natural resources. Then we went to the agrodome and watched the famous sheen sheering show. We learned all about the various breeds of sheep, got to milk a cow and hold baby lambs. Next, we rode the gondolas to the top of a peak overlooking the lake and had a tasty lunch. After lunch some of the students went on a successful fishing excursion on the lake (they caught 4 bit trout!!) and others relaxed in the mud and hot pools at a nearby geothermal spa. Last, but definitely not least, we finished the day at the Maori Culture Village. We learned all about the weapons, carvings, the haka (war dance), the tribal ceremonies and more. Then we got to watch an amazing live show and participate in the hangi (feast). It was an amazing day full of adventure!

Today was another great day! Before leaving the beautiful Rotorua we went to the city’s famous museum. We learned about the history of the museum, the 8th wonder of the world (now gone due to a volcanic eruption), and more details about the Maori people. Then we drove to the Hobbiton movie set and got to walk thru the shire and visit the hobbit holes, just as they were in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbiton movies. Amazing! Finally we ended up in Auckland. After a nice city walk to the harbor, and a yummy dinner, we are headed to bed in preparation for an early flight to Cains, Australia!!!

As soon as I can update with some pictures, I will do so. Until then, good night from New Zealand!

Kia Ora ~ The MD Kiwis




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