Global Student Leaders Summit – Day #6


Written by Student Alex Gourde

Friday was an exhilarating day that started with a two hour bus ride from Cologne, Germany to The Hague, Netherlands. Once in The Hague, we visited the Humanity House, a site that allows visitors to walk the path and experience the plight of an actual refugee. We experienced the confusion, anxiety and desperation that refugees experience when forced to flee their native land and go to a new one without familiarity of the language and customs.

After this, our bus drove us to the Peace Palace, an international court that looks over special laws governing countries. Interestingly, steel-making millionaire Andrew Carnegie funded the palace. The Palace was breathtaking and we were able to explore several of its rooms.

After the tour of the Peace Palace, our group was taken to Grote de Kerk, a large church in the center of The Hague, for the official start of the Global Student Leaders Summit. We were split into groups and mingled with many of the twelve hundred other students from across the world. After dinner, each group participated in a scavenger hunt across The Hague in order to get to know each other and explore the city. This was a great bonding experience for the newly formed groups, as well as a great way to explore the city. Overall, the day was great and established a positive, enthusiastic atmosphere for the remainder of the Summit!


The Peace Palace - The Hague

The Peace Palace – The Hague

Summit Opening Dinner

Summit Opening Dinner




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