Day 9 & 10

Day 9 and 10

It was so nice to get an extra hour or two of sleep last night.   We ate breakfast about 8:30 and left for our tour of Shanghai at 9 am.  Some students woke up earlier to play their new favorite games: Majiang and Chinese chess.  There were even a couple of local on-lookers.  One of them provided Mr. Corona with valuable hints; needless to say, he won the game!

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Our day started with a visit to the Jade Buddha Temple, a Buddhist temple built in the style of the Song Dynasty and completed in 1918.  Some of the girls, including myself, bought some real jade bracelets to take back home; the proceeds help maintain the temple.  We then headed to Nanjing Dong Lu, the very first enclosed shopping area in Hong Kong, widely known for large brand names such as Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, and Apple.  We had plenty of free time to shop and to try local foods.  No worries, our students did not break the bank!

We then continued on to visit  Yu Yuan or the Garden of Happiness. It is very similar to the Humble Administrator’s Graden in Suzhou, a beautiful city north of Shanghai.  These two gardens are perfect examples of Yuan and Ming Dynasty infrastructure, and they have three important elements: water, rock, and style of built into their beautiful ponds, rock gardens, and intricate wood work on the door panels and hallways.  It is a most see in Hong Kong.

After dinner, we had free time in the market at Yu Garden, where our students perfected their haggling skills and came back with arm loads of goodies.  No worries, they still have enough money for our remaining three days in Hong Kong.  We then walked through Shanghai’s oldest street and night market to The Bund to enjoy the breathtaking night view of the harbor.  The beautiful lite French Concession and the futuristic skyscrapers in Pudong make this city one of the most see cities in the world.

Today, Tuesday, March 29th, we landed in Hong Kong around noon.  We were greeting by Billy, our new tour guide, and we were immediately driven into the city.  We later took a double decker bus into the city, walked a bit, visited a night market, and ended the day with a “A Symphony of Lights” light and sound show on Kowloon.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures in the city of Hong Kong.

Mrs. Marsh


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