Xi’An Day 6

On Saturday we visited the Terra Cotta Warriors.  This massive grave, found by a farmer in 1974, is considered the eighth wonder.  Commissioned by Emperor Qin Zhihuan from the Qin Dynasty,  the tomb housed 8,000 infantry clay soldiers made to protect the emperor in the afterlife.  One amazing fact about these soldiers is that not one looks alike.  Their rank, face features, color of skin, hair style, and even shoes are unique.  We had the opportunity to take a great picture with the soldiers, so we raised our Mater Dei Flag with pride.

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From there on we visited the Muslin Quarter in Xi’An where my students had the opportunity to use their haggling skills to buy souvenirs and presents to take back home.  Some were gutsy enough to try the delicious lamb and squid kebabs, sesame candy, nan bread, and dates.  This was a fantastic outing, so much that your students could not stop talking about this unique experience while back on the bus.

We then headed to a Catholic Church to pay our respects to our Lord Jesus Christ on the eve of his resurrection.  This was the perfect moment to reflect on how blessed we are to have been given this opportunity to be in China, and to appreciate what we have back home.  Our day ended with a Tang Dynasty dinner show.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s visit to Shanghai.

Mrs. Marsh


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