Greetings from Beijing

The World Languages Department started its first ever trip to China on Monday, March 21.  Ten amazing, dedicated, and daring students joined Mr. Corona and myself on this much awaited visit to Beijing, Xi’An, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.  All of our students made Mater Dei proud with their behavior.  Our red MD beanies really attracted everyone’s attention, and some even said they were amazed to see how well our students behaved.

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We arrived at 4:00 pm or 7 am California time, making our trek a more than 24 hour adventure.  We met Owen, our tour guide, who then took us to dinner.  We then headed to our hotel for a well deserved night’s rest.

We have a busy day tomorrow with visits to major attractions in Beijing: Tiananmen, The Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, as well as a visit to a Chinese high school.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s dispatch from the Orient.

Mrs. Marsh


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3 Responses to Greetings from Beijing

  1. Jean Marie Mauerhan says:

    So excited and proud for our granddaughter, Maddy Poe, & her fellow “Monarchs, ” as they visit this faraway land! We look forward to seeing her pictures and hearing about her experiences! Wonderful opportunity to try her newly learned Chinese language!!!

  2. Simone Kelly says:

    So happy to see our son enjoying the trip so far. Thank you Mrs Marsh for all you have done to make this happen

  3. I am most interested to follow the students’ travels. Granr’s grandma Carole.

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