Don’t Stop Belizin’!

It’s difficult to belize– I mean, believe that our journey abroad has come to an end. Our Monarchs returned safe and sound late Saturday night after a very long day of travel, and hopefully most of them have finished unpacking by now.

The last full day of our trip went by the fastest, probably because students and chaperones were able to choose their activities for the day. Some chose to go sea kayaking and spend more time on the island, while others chose to go on a snorkeling/fishing excursion. Those who went snorkeling and fishing saw more sea life on the reef, then went fishing for their lunch. Porgy, Yellow Tail Snapper, and Grunt ended up on the menu, and tasted delicious!

The afternoon was spent relaxing, finding last minute souvenirs, and packing. Students were sad to be leaving their newfound friends, but were also ready to be returning to their families and homes.

The memories made this week in Belize will last us all a lifetime. If you have not been to Belize, you will not be disappointed by taking a trip there. Take it from us – it is unbelizeable!


From Day 3: Swimming area at cave tubing location


From Day 3: Cave tubing down the Belize River


From Day 5: Tapir at the Belize Zoo


From Day 5: Male and female Pumas at the Belize Zoo


From Day 5: Ms. Samantha Olsen, rising junior Andrew Martinez, and rising junior Arturo Lopez watch as rising junior Kendyll Toomey conquers her fear of spiders


From Day 5: View of the Caribbean and Belize Barrier Reef from shore in San Pedro


From Day 6: Nurse shark swimming at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve


From Day 6: Rising senior Jack Delulio goes in for a close up of two Southern Sting Rays


Monarchs on their last night


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