Global Student Leaders Summit Comes to an End

Today marked the final day of the Global Student Leaders Summit. The day started with four mini-keynote addresses by Dr. Rene Tristan Lydiksen, Nikhil Goyal, Mo-Yun Fong and Dr. Lauri Jarvilehto. Each speaker focused on a different aspect of the role of creativity and imagination in the innovation of education.

Rising sophomore Justin Stephen said he most enjoyed the speech by Nikhil Goyal and “everything he had to say about the role of standardized testing in the education system” as well as “the differences between American and non-American education systems.”

After the keynote addresses, students proceeded to their final Innovation Sessions of the summit, where they finalized their presentations for the Innovation Village. During the Innovation Village, students presented their projects and solutions for the future of education. Savannah Lehner, ASB Treasurer, said it was “interesting to see how people’s ideas were collaboratively executed.” Lehner’s group created an app to integrate more technology into education so that students can better engage with and grasp curricular concepts.

After the Innovation Village, students attended the closing session with keynote speaker Shiza Shahid who discussed educational equality. After the closing session, students headed attended a dance.

As the trip comes to an end, Rally Commissioner Cailly O’Toole says her favorite part of the trip was “the bonding experience with students from all over the world and from the U.S.”  O’Toole and rising sophomore Grant Harper especially bonded with high school students from Mississippi.

Students and chaperones will fly back home tomorrow!


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