Global Student Leaders Summit – Day 2


Global Student Leaders Summit – Day 2 Kicks Off at the Davos Congress Center

Today kicked off Day 2 of the Global Student Leaders Summit in Davos, Switzerland with a keynote speech by Sir Ken Robinson. Robinson spoke about the future of education, with an emphasis on the role of creativity in education. Participating students were also broken up into their small groups, which consisted of students from around the world and focused on innovation and collaboration within the context of addressing global problems, such as climate change, poverty and renewable resources.

After Robinson’s speech, students then attended their assigned Innovation Sessions and Leadership Skills Workshops, followed by a Poetry Jam session, which was headlined by Clint Smith, PhD candidate at Harvard University.

After the day’s events, and once the rain stopped, the chaperones accompanied the students to a local bowling alley, where they burned off their extra energy after a 14-hour day.


Keynote Speaker – Sir Ken Robinson speaks about the development of education, creativity, and innovation.


Over 1500 students from around the world listen to Sir Ken Robinson discuss the future of education.


Students pose for a picture with the Day 2 opening act


After a long day in workshops and sessions the students head to a local bowling alley to burn off their extra energy


Students wear rain ponchos to keep dry as they walk to the park to see the evening keynote speaker


Clint Smith was the evening keynote speaker


CJ with his perfect bowling pose


Cailly tries her hand at sending a ball down the lane


Students were all laughs and smiles as they finished their bowling matches with singing and dancing



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