Our final day in Italy consisted of travel from Florence to Milan, where students first visited a nearby Montessori school. Once there, they sat in on a presentation by one of the faculty members, which consisted of the history, method, and rationale behind the Montessori approach to education. Prior to leaving the school, students also engaged in various hands-on demonstrations in order to fully understand these concepts. “I think it was really cool to learn about different approaches to problem solving,” said Nate Neglia, rising sophomore at Mater Dei. This was the second portion of this trip that focused specifically on approaches to education, all leading up to the Global Student Leadership Summit in Davos, Switzerland, where students will discuss the future of education as well as collaborate in coming up with solutions and approaches to educating future generations of students.

The day’s evening was spent in the center of Milan where the group visited the Duomo di Milano and explored every nook and cranny of this magnificent marvel of architecture. Many students opted to first ride the elevator to the building’s roof, walk the perimeter, admire the architectural intricacies and enjoy the view of Milan from stories above. Thereafter, students also had the opportunity to enter the church and further pray for and reflect on the loss of their deceased classmate, Spencer Becker.

The spirit that defines the Mater Dei family again emerged when students gathered to view and participate in Becker’s vigil, which was held at the Mater Dei campus, via Skype.

Onward to Switzerland.

Ciao, Italia.


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