Monarchs Hit the Eternal City

Happy Father’s Day from Rome!


Today marked the second day of our stay in Rome.

The first half of the day was spent visiting the ancient wonders that the Eternal City has to offer. Students were given a guided, private tour of the Coliseum that highlighted the architecture and grandeur of the venue.

The tour continued through the surrounding ruins and religious cites, including Palatine Hill, the Forum, Circus Maximus, the Pantheon and the assassination site of Julius Caesar (Et Tu, Brute?).

After tallying 12,000+ FitBit steps, it was time for an authentic Italian lunch, which included an array of freshly baked pizzas, capresse, freshly baked bread and gelato for dessert.

After lunch, students participated in a gladiator school experience, consisting of archery and swordfighting lessons. According to Madi Canale, ASB Publicity Commissioner, gladiator school was “a different and unusual experience.” Canale learned a lot about “how gladiators fought and how intense the physicality was.”

Senior class treasurer Carissa Adams most enjoyed the Coliseum, which left her “in awe of the architecture, its immensity and the view it provided.” Adams was also fascinated by the Forum, which made her feel as though she were “immersed in ancient Roman culture.”

The final day in Rome will be spent visiting Vatican City and its museums as well as the Trevi Fountain.

Final count: 17,873 FitBit steps.


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