Mater Dei Students Go Abroad for the Global Student Leadership Summit

This summer, members of Mater Dei’s ASB leadership team have the privilege of traveling to Italy and Switzerland to participate in the Global Student Leadership Summit. Today marked the first day of this wonderful journey.

Students met their ASB director, Mrs. Diana Neustadt, and accompanying chaperones, at LAX dark and early at 3:30AM. After 18 hours of traveling, the group arrived safely in Rome.

The day began with breakfast by the Tyrrhenian Sea, followed by a visit to the Parthenon. Unfortunately, an unexpected summer storm forced the group to modify their plans. Instead of visiting the Panthenon, the group ate its way through this amazing city by visiting an authentic Italian eatery in the heart of the city.

To cap off the inaugural day of cultural excursions, the group also attended mass at a local church and was again greeted by yet another unexpected summer storm while walking back to the hotel.

According to ASB Treasurer Savannah Lehner, her favorite part of the day was spending the day by the Tyrrhenian Sea and drinking cappuccino along with a chocolate croissant.

Students will spend the remainder of their hopefully dry time in Rome by visiting the Coliseum and Vatican City before proceeding to Florence.

Stay tuned for more updates!



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One Response to Mater Dei Students Go Abroad for the Global Student Leadership Summit

  1. Julia canale says:

    You guys look great and very excited. Thanks for the updates!! The Canales

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