Visual Arts Students Travel to Italy!

Trip Details
Group: AP Studio Art & advanced visual arts students
Group Leader: Catherine Wilson
Departure Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2015 Return: April 9, 2015

The exposure to Renaissance art, Roman civilization, or the architecture of centuries old cathedrals, can substantially enhance an Advanced Placement Studio Art portfolio. Educational Travel on a college application demonstrates initiative, maturity, well rounded interests and an inquiring mind. Students who travel grow in confidence and maturity over the course of the program as they navigate foreign cultures, speak foreign languages, make new friends, and are challenged intellectually. By traveling abroad, students learn what is truly “American” by seeing and experiencing what is not American. They bring their experiences and insights back to their artwork, classrooms and hometowns, each in his or her own way helping to lessen the knowledge gap between America and the cultures from which many of our cultural, religious, linguistic, and civic traditions evolved.

23 visual arts students will embark tomorrow to spend the next nine days learning more about the world, Europe, Italy, and themselves. We will be photographing and journaling about our journey. We invite you to follow us . . .

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