MD Celebrates the Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Campus Ministry Heart Original Art [Converted]The Mater High School Community celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception by honoring Mary, Mater Dei at an All School Mass on Monday, December 8.  During this Mass, representatives from every aspect of our community participated as ministers.  Our choral and orchestra truly enhanced our celebration with musical selections that honored our patroness.

At the end of Mass, Mr. Patrick Murphy and Ms. Frances Clare awarded our Sister Marie Furlong an Honorary Mater Dei Diploma. Sister retired two years ago and continues to faithfully serve the Mater Dei Community, by assisting in the Counseling Office with tutoring and helping with college essays.  When she is not assisting students she is in the Chapel praying for all our Monarchs—past, present and future.

How blest are we to be part of a community named for the Mother of God!

I leave you with some of the lyrics of the Communion Meditation Song:

Sing Of A Lady
Liam Lawton

Let us sing of a maiden, let us sing of a girl who spoke with an angel, 
saying YES to the Lord.

Let us sing of a maiden, let us sing of a girl who bowed to the Spirit
and gave life to the WORD

So come and sing with me.
We’ll raise a joyful song to lead the world from dark to light
and turn to right from wrong.

So come and sing with me a hymn of joyful praise: 
Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Ave Maria the hope of all our days.

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As we continue our Advent Journey we ask our Mother, Mary, Mater Dei to be the beacon for each one of us, so that our YES to the Word of God may create PEACE in our days and a deeper sense of JOY to all whose lives we touch!

Always in our hearts and prayers,
Helen Steves, Director of Campus Ministry


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