Annual Celebration of Life Mass

Campus Ministry Heart Original Art [Converted]Each year our entire Mater Dei High School community joins in prayer to honor the saints and to pray for our loved ones who are enjoying the gift of Eternal Peace. On Tuesday, November 11, 2014, we gathered for this Mass.

The Christ Candle, Holy Water and Book of Life were presented in our entrance procession—truly a sign of the presence of the Kingdom here on earth and the promise of Eternal Life for all of us!

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For this Celebration, the members of our community whose parents or siblings are in heaven shared in the ministries of the Mass—their faith strengthens us and gives us hope.

The extraordinary music provided by our Choral Department and band, the peaceful environment of the Meruelo Athletic Center, the wisdom of Father Kiet in leading us in this Mass, and yes the respectful, prayerful and enthusiastic participation of our community created a lasting memory on our hearts.

For we are the faithful believers who believe in the power of the resurrection and as one Family.

We Remember

We Celebrate

We Believe

In Mary, Mater Dei,

Helen Steves, Director of Campus Ministry


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