Mater Dei MUN Students Compete in Boston

DSCF1105After two months of research and writing leading up to three intense days of debate and caucusing, Mater Dei Model UN students have completed their participation in the final MUN conference of the season.

This year, students had the privilege of traveling to Boston, MA to participate in Boston College’s second annual Model UN conference. Mater Dei students represented the State of Israel, the Gabonese Republic and U.S. Senator Rob Portman. While in their assigned committees, Mater Dei students debated topics such as disarmament and international security, human rights and civil liberties, health policy and containment of disease, economic growth and poverty eradication, as well as U.S. foreign policy and renewable energy.

According to delegate Savannah Lehner, sophomore, her favorite part of the conference was “meeting other high school students from the U.S. and around the world.” Savannah represented Senator Rob Portman in the Mock U.S. Senate session and debated U.S. foreign aid and policy.

While at the conference, students had the opportunity to meet and interact with students from Texas, New York, Vermont, Washington, Massachusetts, Florida, British Columbia, Trinidad and Tobago, as well as Puerto Rico.

Delegate Chloe Wallace, sophomore, says she most enjoyed the satisfaction of putting the months she spent researching her topic into action. Wallace debated and caucused on foreign direct investment in developing countries. The time Wallace spent researching paid off, as she was awarded with the “Superlative Delegate” award for her performance during committee.

Paul Murphy, junior, stated that he most enjoyed “participating and being active in the World Health Organization committee.” The countless hours Murphy spent researching his topic indeed paid off, as he was awarded the “Outstanding Delegate” award.

For the remainder of the trip, students will be going on guided tours of Harvard University and Boston College, as well as visiting the JFK Presidential Library and Museum.

Mater Dei MUN is open to all students who are interested. Please contact Mr. Gutierrez,, for additional information.


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