President’s Message: Kratos Security Camera System Installed at MDHS

president's  message logoDuring the summer of 2013, following several years of excellent research conducted by Assistant Principal Kevin Hickman and new Security Director Dan Worrell, Mater Dei High School installed the State-of-the-Art Kratos Security Camera System throughout the MDHS campus.

More then 110 fully networked, digital, “license plate recognition technology” cameras will allow complete 365/24/7 (as well as full recovery capacity) camera coverage of the entire Mater Dei campus by MD administrators and security personnel. This new networked security camera system also has the capacity to be integrated with the technology at the Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD) to give the school even better “real time” support from the SAPD, which will enhance the great relationship and service we have always enjoyed at MDHS with our friends at the Santa Ana PD. 

In addition, quick reaction, dead bolt locks have been installed in all of the academic classrooms and labs at MDHS as we continue all efforts to provide the safest and most secure environment for our students, faculty and staff at MDHS. In working with our security provider partners at Allied Barton, we have also increased the training regimen for our MD Security Staff and have adjusted some of the gate openings and traffic flow in and out of  the campus in order to approve security and safety at MDHS.

Thank you for support of and cooperation with our dedicated and caring MD Security Staff as they work diligently to secure the safety of all of us here at Mater Dei High School.

Patrick Murphy, President


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