Art Trip to Spain & France 2013


Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Arrived at LAX on time. Everyone through security check with plenty of time to spare, PLENTY of time because our plane finally takes off at 3:40 for a scheduled 2:50 flight. Actual flight uneventful, but we didn’t make up for the late departure from LA. Our flight attendant is doubtful we will make our connecting flight to Barcelona, we are touching down at 9:21 local time, our connecting flight begins boarding at 9:35, cutting it pretty close . . . We’re on the ground at Schiphol , it’s 9:30, these people are not moving off the plane! Finally off the plane, find a KLM service desk with actual people, not just automated kiosks. The service attendant assures us we can make our flight, “just go to the short service line at customs and RUN!” Run? OK, we run, no one is in line at customs, we rush through, onto security … Second bag check of the day, and RUN to our terminal, which, of course is at the farthest end of the airport. We made it! On to Barcelona!Image
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