Performing Arts Helps Out

performing-arts-message-logo1Mater Dei Performing Arts Department is involved in charity work through out the school year.

The Dance Team participated in the Monarchs for Marines, Santa Lunch event on Saturday December 8th. The Improv Comedy Club helped raise some money for this endeavor with their Christmas Chuckles for Charity event. Audience members at Christmas at the Corner donated toys. The Dance Team loaded a MDHS Van filled with 200 toys & 200 Stockings, to be handed out to the children and headed down to Camp Pendelton!Once they all arrived, unloaded & decorated the Paige Field House, it was time to open the doors and let the kids in! The excitement that filled the room was simply incredible! The kids were so excited to enjoy some lunch, get their stockings and to have a special visit from Santa!! 
It is events like this that make coaches and of course parents proud. “I found myself watching with a beaming smile at my usually shy freshman coming to life with this kids (ages 3+). The team did a simply wonderful job at working together to make this a really special event for the kids that joined us! Finally, I must say that we could not have accomplished anything without Ms. Hopkins in the Campus Outreach and all of the parents that joined us!! The support, guidance & assistance from all of them was greatly appreciated! ” says Dance Team coach Ms. Lissy Lex.
Proceeds from the Improv Comedy Chuckles for Charity Christmas Show was donated to Monarch 4 Marines.

Proceeds from the Improv Comedy Chuckles for Charity Christmas Show was donated to Monarch 4 Marines.

          KidsWorks is an organization is Santa Ana that encourages local students to committ to their education. Our Mater Dei Band performed this fall for KidWorks at the Riatt Street Fair and for a fundraising luncheon. Our Cheer program is also really invovled with KidWorks. Junior Varsity All-Girl Cheer coach Mrs. Dee Aldridge describes it KidWorks, “Every day, children in Santa Ana face crime, poverty, and violence. In the face of these problems, so many children are losing hope and falling through the cracks, right in the backyard of Orange County. But at KidWorks, we believe in the power of hope to change a single life and in the power of a single life to change a family, a neighborhood, and an entire community. When a child believes their dreams are possible, they grow to realize those dreams – both for their own lives and for the lives of those around them. Tutoring. Mentoring. Exercise. Accountability. Encouragement. These basic building blocks are starting a revolution of hope in central Santa Ana.”

Students and parents donated over $3000 to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at the annual Choir program Coffeehouse event. “As the fight against this disease is underfunded, we felt it important to bring light to it” said Director of Choirs Mr. Scott Melvin. ” The most memorable moment was having one of my daughter’s friends(Jonah, 7), who has CF, come up with his entire family to express their gratitude for the choir and their generosity.  The family was overwhelmed by the love and kindness shown to not only Jonah, but the entire family.  Jonah’s favorite moment – Pirates of the Caribbean on the handbells!!”

Mater Dei Performing Arts believe our students need to use their talents and skills to help others. We look forward to helping others in the new year. Merry Christmas!

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