Year of Faith: Bishop Vann Installed as Bishop of Orange

year-of-faith-logo-montageBishop Vann Installed as Bishop of Orange

Thomas Sweeney, our ASB President, represented each one of us in welcoming our new Bishop during the Installation Mass held Monday, December 10, 2012.

bishop_vann_pictureBishop Kevin Vann

In his first homily as head of the Orange diocese, Bishop Kevin Vann urged Catholics to help build up the Body of Christ and to shape the culture, not be shaped by it.

“We are gathered here in this God-given moment … as the Body of Christ, as the family of God, in our common mission to bring once again the good news of Jesus Christ in the world,” he said December10.

“By the hand of God, I believe, we have been brought together, as the Scripture says, as the stream that gladdens the city of God.”

Bishop Vann, 61, gave his homily in both English and Spanish. He said Catholics can be united despite their different backgrounds.

The Bishop recalled his experience of the powerful Mississippi River, which he crossed during trips from his hometown of Springfield, Ill. to St. Louis.

“Certainly, like the currents of the Mississippi, the winds and currents of our culture and society can frighten us and threaten to push our lives in different directions and weaken our unity and mission. But in the end, we know, that can never happen.”

Bishop Vann reminded the faithful that their lives are “directly shaped truly by the hand of God.”

“Like the spire of the old cathedral in St. Louis, we need to remember each day that God is here and that our lives give testimony to that,” he said. “Let us remember always that our mission is to shape the currents of our times with that faith, as the stream that gladdens the city of God, and not be shaped by them.”

We, the Community of Mater Dei High School, continue to hold the people of Newtown, Conneticut, in our hearts and prayers.

Advent Blessings!


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