Year of Faith: A Few Reflections on the Recent Synod of Bishops to listen to the youth proclaiming the beauty of faith. Peer support is important in  evangelizing the young.

–Faith is the hope of the world.

-There is a need to awaken zeal and proclaim Christ with confidence.

Today’s sessions ended with the loudest and most prolonged applause from the synod floor yet, when a young man who catechizes young people in Italy, Tommasso Spinelli, addressed us as he said, “I want as a young layman to address the priests as the priests in this synod have addressed the laity.” He urged priests to be proud of their priesthood, to know they matter. Young people look to them as those who can lead the young into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Priests should be attentive to their celebration of the liturgy and not to be hesitant to challenge young people who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ..

The passion and sincerity of his words touched the hearts of the synod fathers. It gave a hint of how the young can be the source of the new evangelization. They can inspire and encourage their peers and even their elders, as Tommasso did with the bishops, on the importance and deepening of faith.

Clearly the young can play a critical role in the new evangelization.

~ I personally believe that it is our responsibility as ministers at Mater Dei to be that guide for our young people –to listen to them—to support them not only during this Year of Faith or on this Advent Journey but faithfully as they embrace the challenge to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ!

And we always remember~ With God all things are possible!

Come let us walk in the Light of the Lord


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