Project: Discourse 2012

The 4th Annual Project: Discourse event has involved our students in so many ways. The  76 cast members of West Side Story began their journey in early September at the first rehearsal. They journaled about the themes of the play and shared their perspective with their peers. Some of those reponses are displayed durign the show.

Over the past two days, all Mater Dei students have attended educational forums in the newly renovated Monarch Pavilion. At the forums, the students have pledged to stop rasicsm, bullying and other themes related to West Side Story. Guest speakers Ms. Cortez-Torres, Sr. Mary Sean Hodges and Sr. Laurence Maria Diaz have involved all students in discourse about immigration, rascism and teen-violence.

Tony and Maria experience “love at first sight” in our production of West SIde Story. This was performed in the renovated Monarch Pavilion.

In classrooms across campus, teachers have involved students in lessons ranging from exploring the teenage brain, Leonard Bernstein and the history of Puerto Rico. Students of the Visual Arts Department created impressive publicity for the produciton. The play West Side Story performed to sold-out audiences and helped bridge our school on a cross-curricular level.


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