Year of Faith: Saints Among Us

As we journey through this Year of Faith — we turn to the Saints who have walked this Earth before us for inspiration for the challenge of living our faith.

This week I offer you a reflection from a former Faculty Member.  Many of you will remember him because you knew him personally – many of you have heard about him -but what we heard of Craig Thornburgh is about his coaching as he lovingly called his players the “varmints.”  Craig was a man of faith and I share with you a reflection he wrote after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.Craig’s last season of coaching Freshman Basketball he went 26-0  He told his players, “I have one more fight ahead and again it is not enough to “WIN”.  I have to have Victory.  Of course Victory is already assured because Jesus said, “Whoever believes in Him shall have Eternal Life”.

Craig goes on to say, “When I became a Catholic about 12 years ago, some friends gave me a statue of St. Joseph.  At that time I dedicated my ministry to St. Joseph, the foster-father of Jesus.  As St. Joseph was entrusted with the child Jesus, aren’t we entrusted with God’s children?  I sincerely hope that in some small way I have treated the ‘varmints’ as St. Joseph would–  I believe in the same way that winning is not the same as victory.  I believe it is not enough to just live as a Christian, but to aspire to be a saint!”

As Craig experienced “Grace and Confidence and Peace”— May this gift be ours today!


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