Monarch Pavilion Transformation in Progress

In an effort to celebrate the bounty of talent in the MD Performing Arts Department, we are giving the Monarch Pavilion a new look. Many events from Dance Recitals to touring groups perform in the “old gym” through out the year.

Our Dance classes, Color Guard practices and Theatre productions have performed in the “old  gym” since the opening of our Meruelo  Athletic Center. The site of the future Performing Arts Center has been serving as one for a few years now.

During the past couple years, the north hallway has been changed into a Performing Arts Hall and the Girls locker room was transformed into the Little Theatre black-box. Last summer, we renovated some locker room areas to become storage areas and serve as passage ways for stage entrances. This fall, our students will get to perform in a venue that is even more suited for performances.

Monarch Pavilion today

Although the transformation has only just begun, the space has already changed dramatically (pun intended!). The basketball hoops and other hanging items have been removed from the ceiling. Our incredible Facilities crew, under the leadership of Steve Ritter and Luis Banda, are currently building new storage areas and a Tech Booth. The Monarch Pavilion walls and ceiling have been painted dark colors to better serve theatrical performances.  The court floor will remain. During the summer, we will also install mirrors for dance rehearsals as well as modify two areas backstage into dressing rooms. We invite you to drop in after the transformation is complete in late August.

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