North American Arts Exchange

On Thursday May 10th, Mater Dei Performing Arts Department hosted some speical guests from Canada.

The Performing Arts Students and Administrators of Austin O’Brien Catholic School from Edmonton Alberta stopped by Mater Dei during their travels in Southern California. Students from both schools combined together to perform an hilarious Improv Comedy Chuckles for Charity event. They help us raise money for Catholic Worker. After the show, the large audience moved to be in the Monarch Pavilion for a combined Band Concert. MDHS Band and Austin O’Brien Catholic School performed three songs together and recieved a standing ovation.

It was a healthy artistic experience for our students to collaborate with others who share our Catholic values and interest in the arts. Our students enjoyed the interaction and were inspired by the performances of their new friends.

Our Arts Exchange was a huge success.

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One Response to North American Arts Exchange

  1. Kudos to all those staff and students who warmly welcomed us and thanks for making our experience such an action-packed, fun-filled and entertaining afternoon. Both staff and students from Austin O’Brien enjoyed themselves tremendously.

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