Presidents Message: Major Solar Power Project on MDHS Campus—Summer 2012

Today, Bishop Tod. D. Brown of the Diocese of Orange signed documentation on behalf of Mater Dei High School, securing a long term business partnership between MDHS, MicroGrid Energy Corporation and Pacific Power Renewables, Inc. to construct a Solar Energy System on the Mater Dei campus during the Summer of 2012.

This exciting Solar Power Project will see roof mounted photovoltaic systems being installed in various locations on the MD campus (including the Meruelo Athletic Center, the LeVecke Center and in the Monarch Way Parking Lot). This system is also provides for future expandability as we redo new roofs on our original building wings and when the new parking structure is constructed in the years ahead.

For the 2012-13 school year, as a result of the first phase of this new Solar Power Project, which will be completed by the end of this summer, nearly 50% of the electrical energy consumed by Mater Dei High School, will come from solar power. In addition, the cost savings, in terms of energy efficiency and affordability, will be significant over the life of the agreement (20 years).

We at Mater Dei are very excited to be moving forward with an energy solution for the future which is environmentally sound, system reliable, financially affordable and will make us a more responsible world citizen by significantly reducing our carbon footprint. In addition, our business partners in this venture, MicroGrid and Pacific Power, will be working collaboratively with MDHS to bring several key applications of the practical educational value of renewable energy into various MD classrooms and curricula.

We will continue to update the Mater Dei community on this exciting and worthwhile project as it unfolds in the months and years ahead. Thank you and God bless!

Patrick Murphy


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