Lenten Season 2012

The Mater Dei High School Community began our Lenten Season with a beautiful Ash Wednesday mass. We had 2,150 students, faculty, staff and guest in attendance and the mass was celebrated by Msgr. Michael McKiernan.

Msgr. Michael McKiernan receives his ashes from Tracy Wigmore '12

In his homily Msgr. Michael reflected on the Gospel about how we are all so good at pointing out hypocrites in our daily lives. He challenged us to look at the ways in which are lives reflect that of a hypocrite. And it is only fitting that we try and change certain behaviors about ourselves this during this holy season of Lent.  His message was inspiring and powerful to all who attended.

Every year the Mater Dei Community participates in an outreach during the Lenten season. This year our Lenten Outreach theme is “We are all created in God’s image and likeness” and it will be focused on our brothers and sisters with special needs.

Our Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion & Lenten Ashes

Many of our students here at Mater Dei volunteer at our Special Games Outreach and Camp Recreation and both will benefit from the donations received through this Lenten Outreach.  We thank all those who donate to this wonderful cause.

Helen Steves, Director of Campus Ministry


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