Theatre for Young Audience Members

The Advanced Theatre Arts production this week features two Children’s Theatre plays. These will be performed in the Little Theatre on MDHS campus.
WILEY & THE HAIRY MAN by Suzan Zeder is a play version of an American Folktale from the swamps of the south. It is about a boy who must confront his fears with courage and patience. It’s also a lot of fun. It has a hound-dog, a Hairy creature and a mommy who is a conjuring woman. This play has been directed for a target audience of grades 1 through 4th, however anyone will enjoy the fun!

Laurence Yep’s DRAGONWINGS is based on his award winning novel. The audience will follow the journey of a 10 year old boy as he moves from China to California in 1903. The audience gets to know his mysterious father Windrider as the boy discovers his past in a new land. This play and novel are appropriate for grades 5 through 8, but adults can connect with the themes and history too.

Both plays are presented at 6:30pm Feb 9, 10 & 11 for $10. WILEY & HAIRY MAN performs seperately for $5 at 1:00pm on Feb 11 & 12. DRAGONWINGS performs seperately for $5 at 2:30pm on Feb 11 & 12.

If you are associated with a school or church and are interested in having our plays perform at yoru location later this spring, please contact the director at

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