Project: Discourse 2011

Our 3rd Annual Project: Discourse event is this week. It’s more than just a play, rather a chance for students to be immersed in discussion about important social issues.

This year’s production is Dead Man Walking by Tim Robbins. It is based on the autobiography by Sister Helen Prejean. This script was written for specifically for High Schools to produce. It performs Nov 18, 19 & 22nd at 7:30pm. Please contact for tickets.

As part of the discourse, every department on campus has involved the themes of the play into their curriculum. Students have participated in class discussions, activities and assignments.

Students reflected about a scene from Dead Man Walking by writing on their iPad2.

All students attended a Forum with their English classes in which they saw scenes from the play and then journaled on their iPad2. They also heard speeches from the Rachel’s Challenge Club and various presentations of student work. Today, all students are attending a guest speaker panel during their Religion class time. Two speakers are Public Defenders from Orange County and San Bernadino county  who spoke about capital punishment cases they have defended. Also, Sr. Suzanne Jabro spoke about her work with prisoners as a Sister of St. Joseph.

For more information about our Project: Discourse, please visit the student created bog:

Patrick Williams, Director of Performing Arts

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