The iPad2 is Here!


What an incredible week it has been for Mater Dei High School! A review of how we got 2,100 iPad2s into the hands of our students:



August, 17: ASB Gets Their iPads

  • 300 iPad2s distributed to over 300 ASB students
  • 25 of our ASB students were trained shortly after receiving their devices to serve as “iPad configuration experts” for our orientation program held August 23, 24 and 25

August 23-25: Orientation Days

  • 1,800 iPad2s were distributed to the rest of the student body during each class orientation day
  • Distribution took place in the 600 wing shortly after each student received his/her photo ID for the 2011-12 school year
  • ASB students, faculty/staff and members of the MD Tech Team were on hand to assist with the inventory and distribution which took less than one minute per iPad2
  • After receiving their device, students returned to homeroom to configure their iPad2 which took approximately 25-30 minutes to set up their Apple ID and Gmail account

A few hiccups did arise with the student email system. As a result, our students will be receiving new email accounts during the first week of school.  That aside, we are incredibly happy with the start of what we know will be an incredible learning opportunity for our students.

Parent Education

With the assistance of the JAMF Software Team and the MD Administration, we were able to provide three parent nights to provide education about the iPad2 program at Mater Dei High School.

The JAMF team addressed issues and topics on the technical level while I discussed the evolution of the program, the wireless infrastructure upgrades that took place this summer and changes to boost internet performance on campus.

Parents were also educated about our student use policies with the device, eBook options, teacher training provided by Apple and the overall goals of the program.

Student Education

Sergeant Wolf of the Irvine Police Department provided student education during our orientations on “responsible cyber citizenship.”  Video synopses of Sgt. Wolf’s very helpful presentations will be available on the MD website in the coming weeks.

Future Plans

Free applications (apps) and software packages that Mater Dei recommends such as Keynote, Pages and Numbers will be pushed out to our students in the coming weeks.

Special Thanks

We are deeply grateful to the JAMF Software team for the support they provided for configuration and problem solving…not to mention the physical labor for opening ALL of those boxes for inventory and distribution. It was a true partnership for us to have the JAMF team here!

Thanks to our incredibly supportive MD Administration, members of the Tech Team, ASB, Apple Training and Support and countless others who have made Mater Dei’s one-to-one computing program a firm reality.

To date, this was the largest rollout of the iPad2 program on a high school campus. We are very pleased with the distribution and timely configuration of these devices and have thus set the benchmark and standard for programs to come.  And this is only the beginning…

Be sure to check out the iPad program page on the MD website which includes some photos of our student distribution days.


Jake Henderson, Director of Computer Services


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