MD Performing Arts Tour the World!

This month, several of our Performing Arts programs are traveling.

Locally, Theatre students competed at the Fullerton College Theatre Festival. Our Improv Comedy Club had two entries which both made it to finals. This weekend our Pep Band will travel to Sacramento to cheer on both Varsity Basketball games as Mater Dei competes for the State Titles. Our Song, Dance and Cheer teams will compete this weekend in Anaheim at the USA Spirit Nationals.

Our programs are also traveling long distances to share their talents. During the weekend of March 12 & 13th, our Song program was in Orlando, Florida competing at the NDA National Championship. Under the direction of their coach Morgan Wahl, they received 1st place in Pom, 1st place in Jazz, 2 technical excellence awards and a sportsmanship nomination.

Last week, our Dance program was at the Champion National Dance/Drill Team Competition in Staten Island, New York. Under the direction of Gail Milby, they recieved three 1st place awards, three 2nd place awards and two 3rd place awards. While in New York City, they attended the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and saw the Tony Award winning musical Memphis.

This week, our Choirs travel to Italy. Under the direction of Scott Melvin,  146 choir students will perform through out the Almalfi Coast and in Rome. On April 2nd they will sing High Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica and recital at the Sistine Chapel. While in Italy they will visit Pompeii, the Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain.  Click Here to follow the tour on their blog

Patrick Williams, Director of Performing Arts

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