Principal’s Message: Easter Break 2011

Many people have been asking about the reason(s) for the change in the scheduling of Easter Vacation this year.  The vacation is scheduled for March 28-April 1, 2011 with classes resuming on April 4.  As we enter the Sacred Triduum of Holy Week in April, we will have a minimum day on April 21, (Holy Thursday), no school on April 22, (Good Friday), and no school on April 25, (Easter Monday).    Classes will resume on Tuesday, April 26.

This change of Easter vacation schedule is for this school year only and is based on the following reason:  In recent times, the College Board which designs the calendar for the Advanced Placement Exams, has changed these dates to the first two weeks in May.  Consequently, if we were to have Easter Vacation from April 25-29, those students taking the AP Exams would return to school on Monday May 2 and would have to walk straight into their exams.  Therefore, out of consideration for the College Board’s Advanced Placement schedule and its impact on MD students, we made a decision to change the vacation for this school year.

I hope this explanation clarifies the change of schedule for this school year only.


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