Principal’s Message: Academic Clubs at Mater Dei

At Mater Dei High School we have many extra-curricular activities in which our students are involved.  We have students who compete on our Speech and Debate Team, who travel and compete internationally on our Model United Nations Team and still others who compete locally on our Junior Statesmen of America Team.  Students have joined these amazing and successful teams for many years.  This year we have added a new and exciting team to this roster and that is our Mock Trial Team under the moderatorship of teacher, Ms. Diana Valentini assisted by volunteer attorneys.

At MDHS, our Mock Trial is an academic team of young men and women who compete with other schools on the county, state and national levels.  Over 8,000 students are enrolled nationally on these teams and MDHS is proud to be a member of this prestigious group.

The team members work hard, usually 8-9 hours or more per week, preparing for their courtroom experiences.  Each week, team members prepare to present arguments on prescribed topics in competition against other high schools from the prosecution and the defense points of view.  Through these courtroom experiences, participating students learn much about the legal process, develop their analytical skills and gain confidence in public speaking.

I had the occasion to attend the MDHS Inaugural Mock Trial presentation at the Santa Ana courthouse recently and what a wonderful experience that was to witness the poise, professionalism, skill and talent of an amazing group of young men and women from Mater Dei High School.



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