Top 5 Admissions Questions

Question 1: How do I obtain an admissions packet for Mater Dei High School?

A: Visit and click request for an application to create your account.  Once you create your account and click submit, you will have the option to download and print the admissions packet for an incoming freshman, transfer or international applicant (in PDF format).

Question 2: Does my student have to shadow or tour campus in order to be accepted into Mater Dei High School?

A: No. Visiting campus either through a tour or shadow day is an option families have to get to know Mater Dei.  Visit to learn more, view dates and reserve your student’s shadow day online.  See our campus tour schedule at

Question 3: My student is applying to more than one Catholic high school. Does he/she need to take the entrance exam multiple times?

A: Students applying to more than one Catholic high school should sit for the exam at their first choice school and request to have their scores sent to other school(s) they are applying to.

Question 4: Does Mater Dei offer academic or athletic scholarships?

A: No. Mater Dei does not offer academic or athletic scholarships. However, we have a need-based financial aid program available to those who qualify.  See the President’s recent message on our need-based financial aid program.

Financial aid applications will be available in the Main Office or on Mater Dei’s website at

Question 5: When is my student notified of his/her acceptance to Mater Dei High School?

A: If an applicant has submitted their admissions paperwork in good order on or before the admissions deadline (January 21, 2010), they are notified of their admissions status in March 2010.

Click here to learn more about the admissions process for a freshman, transfer or international applicant.

Allison Bergeron ’96, Director of Admissions Marketing


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