Principal’s Message: National Testing Day

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 is National Testing Day for all high school students.  Here at MDHS, our freshman students will take the EXPLORE test, sophomores will take the PLAN test and juniors will take the PSAT test.  These tests prepare students for the ACT and SAT tests which over 90% of MD students take during their high school years as they prepare for entrance into the college or university of choice.

One of these tests, the PSAT is of particular interest for another reason.  Students who score in the top percentile on this test have the possibility of becoming National Merit Finalists, National Hispanic Scholars and National Achievement Scholars. Over the years, MDHS has been blessed to have a number of students gain these outstanding honors and as a result of this success, these students have qualified to earn prestigious National Merit, corporate and college sponsored scholarships to colleges and universities across the nation. Click here to see Mater Dei’s National Merit Finalists to date.

As students prepare for the National Testing Day, we encourage them to rest well the night before and to come to school on October 13 with lots of renewed energy and enthusiasm to face the challenge of “the test.”

Frances Clare, Principal


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